Mermaid Kisses was founded in 2017 by Heather Tanner in Roanoke, Va. The store is entirely online however we do visit local Farmer’s Markets and Craft Fairs. We are putting together our schedule for the 2018 season now and will post it soon!

We offer a wide variety of hand made spa products such as sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, bath bombs, and a variety of soaps.

Our sugar scrubs are gentle exfoliates immersed in natural oils which polish, hydrate, and protect your skin. Grains of raw sugar gently remove dead skin cells while accelerating renewal and revealing radiance and an even skin tone. Enticing fragrances excite the senses and enhance your relaxation.

Mermaid Kisses salt scrubs are the most natural way to soften, exfoliate, and freshen your skin. We use only the finest Himalayan Pink salt whose fine texture gently exfoliates the skin without leaving harmful residue that can clog the pores. Our blend of all natural ingredients has moisturizing properties that prevent the skin from drying.

Our homemade bath bombs will soften even the toughest skin and are an inexpensive gift for any occasion.

Give your skin the care it deserves. Indulge yourself with the rich benefits of Mermaid Kisses products.