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How To Start Using Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are a great way to give yourself a luxurious bath experience. They come in many different colors, scents, shapes, and sizes, and are often filled with moisturizing and skin-nourishing oils and butters.

How does one use a bath bomb?

When to use a bath bomb really depends on you and your preferences, mood, or health. Some people choose a bath bomb filled with lavender essential oils to relax before bedtime. Others may choose one filled with eucalyptus oils to reduce sinus congestion. Still others may choose a glittery bath bomb before going out to party for the evening.

Bath bombs come in so many choices that there is certainly one to fill just about any bath time situation. Even kids love the fizzy reactions and playful scents are available to entice the youngsters to TAKE A BATH!

Five easy steps to properly use a bath bomb:

1. Fill the tub with the appropriate amount of water. This is a personal choice for many as some like it hot, and others not so much.

2. Unwrap the bath bomb and gently drop it into the water. It will immediately being to effervesce and release the soothing moisturizing oils and pleasing aromas.

3. Once the bomb has stopped fizzing, you can enter the bath and enjoy as usual.

4. When the bath is completed, you should pat yourself dry so the oils are not wiped away and can be absorbed into the skin.

5. It’s always a good idea to gently clean the bath tub when you are finished. That way any oil residue will be removed and the tub is ready for the next person.

Important Note:

Bath bombs will remain solid as long as they are kept in a dry environment; however, the fresher a bath bomb is, the more it will fizz when you drop it into the bathtub. Older bombs may lose their moisture and dry out if left exposed.